Although California is leading the nation out of the recession, we continue to have one of the largest populations in the nation per capita of residents living or falling below the poverty line. Laura believes that Sacramento must focus on poverty in a holistic manner and develop comprehensive strategies to address it incorporating all of the factors affecting poverty including education, healthcare, childcare, economic development, housing, and how we deliver social services.

As our population ages, Laura is particularly concerned about the lack of access to, and the gaps in funding for, assisted living and nursing homes in Los Angeles County. Anyone who has had to choose between caring for an elderly parent at home or using their child’s college fund to pay for a decent nursing home knows how disruptive and potentially devastating this issue can be. She will fight to have assisted living and quality nursing home care covered by California’s insurance exchanges.

No parent should have to choose between holding a job and quality child-care. Every child should have access to licensed and affordable child care providers. Laura will work to make state funded universal pre-K a reality.

We must increase our commitment to fully funding all levels of education, from providing quality and affordable child care to making sure that every deserving student has access to affordable job training or college. Public schools should be fully funded, with special attention given to those in low-income neighborhoods. All qualified students should be able to attend college, regardless of their ability to pay.

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