Gun Safety

"Laura Friedman was a leader in the fight to ban gun shows on city property in Glendale. She is a steadfast champion for sane gun laws and will be a great asset in the State Assembly."

                                                 --Ann Reiss Lane, Founder, Women Against Gun Violence

The general lack of political will among many elected officials to tackle the issue of gun safety issue did not stop Laura from taking action. In 2013, Laura took on the NRA and banned gun shows from being held on city property, including the Glendale Gun Show, which had been held for decades across the street from our community college. The ordinance also banned carrying a gun on any city property.
In 2014, Laura successfully introduced a Resolution of Support for Assembly Bill 1014 (Skinner) which is the Gun Violence Restraining Order Bill. This Bill had passed the State Senate in 2014 and would allow the police to confiscate guns from high-risk individuals for a period of 21 days after obtaining a court order. It has since passed, and has been signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.
In 2015, Laura introduced an ordinance banning the possession of high capacity ammunition magazines, similar to the one that was just adopted by the City of Los Angeles.
Laura will be a fierce advocate for gun safety as a member of the State Assembly.

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