Entertainment Industry

As a longtime executive in the entertainment industry, Laura will be a strong champion for entertainment industry jobs upon which the region is dependent.

Laura believes that we should focus on all the reasons the entertainment industry is leaving California. Establishing film tax credits were an important first step, but as a 20-year entertainment industry veteran, Laura understand all the stressors on our most important industry. Corporate consolidation, cheap international labor and production costs, rapid changes in film-making technology, and intellectual property theft are all threats to regional film production. With her years of experience in film and television, Laura will be a leader in Sacramento at developing policy to address these issues.

While on the Glendale City Council, Laura introduced a low-budget and student film permit program to allow low and no-budget film projects to shoot legally in Glendale. Currently Glendale is a major destination for film and television shoots at all budget levels.

Laura is committed to fully fund education at all levels to insure that California continues to lead the world in technology, entertainment and other creative industries. She believes in offering free courses at community colleges to prepare film and other creative professionals for changes in technology. She will make the arts just as much a focus of primary and secondary school as the other STEM programs so that we prepare students for a future in which creative capital is at a premium worldwide.

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