“As Chair of the Assembly Education Committee, I am supporting Laura Friedman because she will be a strong ally in the fight to improve California’s public schools. Laura Friedman will work to improve teacher training and professional development and compensation so we can attract and retain the best teachers in the nation.”

–Patrick O’Donnell, State Assemblymember

Education is one of Laura’s very top priorities. In an environment filled with economic unfairness, and in which the rich continue to get richer and the middle class is struggling, education is the great equalizer, with the ability to set the groundwork for a better life for individuals and families. Education is one of the most important antidotes to poverty. It is far more effective to spend money educating individuals than to provide social services to workers who lack the education and skills needed for well-paying jobs.

However, our precious public education system in California is woefully underfunded. In fact, education funding is at an historic low-point. This has left hundreds of thousands of Californians, and our State, unprepared to compete in what is increasingly a global economy. The economic health of people and of our State depends on our willingness to increase funding for and to generally strengthen our educational system.

Laura Friedman is committed to making sure public schools are fully funded, with special attention given to those in low-income neighborhoods. All qualified students should be able to attend college, regardless of their ability to pay. We must fund education to the level required to insure a high-quality education for all students rather than by students rather than legislated statutory minimums. No parent should have to choose between holding a job and quality child-care. Every child should have access to licensed and affordable child care providers. Laura will fight for universal P-K.

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