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Mom. Wife. Glendale City Councilmember. Environmental Champion. Business Owner. Leading The Fight To Raise The Minimum Wage. Neighborhood Advocate. Water Board Member. Pro Choice. Pro Affordable Housing. Proud Owner Of A Shelter Dog and Two Rescued Cats.

Dear Friends,

During six years on Glendale’s City Council, I have focused on supporting small business and job creation, non-profits and the arts, and environmental sustainability. Now I want to bring that passion and experience to Sacramento.

While on City Council, I have protected open space while promoting smart growth. I passed green building standards surpassing those set by the State of California. Under my leadership, Glendale passed a plastic bag ban before the City of Los Angeles and the State. We have instituted a zero waste policy, an aggressive bicycle and pedestrian master plan, and a “complete streets” program. I advocated for the most comprehensive plan to revitalize the Los Angeles River and the Rim of the Valley Trail.

My experience – as a Metropolitan Water District Board member since 2010 gives me invaluable experience in this time of drought. I have fought for needed infrastructure to provide reliable sources of water to California, including the capture of stormwater, construction of new storage facilities, and the expanded use of recycled water.

At the same time, I have been uncompromising in my support of small business and job creation. I am proud that in 2014 Glendale was awarded the “most business-friendly city” by the Los Angeles Economic Development Council. I have changed ordinances to make it easier to do business and hire employees, and was honored as “Woman of the Year” by the Glendale Chamber of Commerce.

I am a strong supporter of affordable housing, affordable and high-quality child-care, and making sure that every child has access to the best public education possible.

I am the only candidate with a legislative record that proves I can build consensus and get things done.

– Laura Friedman

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